Main Officers of CCG

The Christian Churches of God as a body is run according to its registered constitution. The constitution and hence the organisation is controlled by legal requirements in the countries in which it is registered.

All its officers are elected and appointed every seven years at the Sabbatical Reading of the Law in the Seventh or Sabbath Year of the Calendar Cycle of the Temple system (see the paper God’s Calendar (No. 156)).

Its ministerial officers compose two ranks of ministers. These are the biblical ranks of Elders or Bishops and Deacons. There is a ministerial trainee program that is based on Sub-deacons (or Acolytes). Sub-deacons may also administer the sacraments as directed by a minister. Deacons may be a Deacon Evangelist or Deacon Pastor or Deacon Administrator. The only thing a deacon is restricted in doing is ordaining other ministers, except where appointed as a regional director for the Coordinator General as head of the World Conference where he is acting in place of an auxiliary bishop and may ordain at the direction of the Coordinator General.

Elders or bishops and their assistant deacons are termed coordinators and some may refer to themselves as pastor. The term "Reverend" is not used. Nor are the terms pope or cardinal used. The term "father," hence Papa, or padre, is specifically prohibited by the Bible (Mat. 23:9). In ancient times the church has called its ministers Barbes or "Uncles" because of this restriction given by Christ against the use of father.

The tasks of the Bible are vested in the church and its officers can, and do carry the tasks and hence titles of apostles, evangelists, pastors, or teacher, healer, or administrator. Deacons may be appointed for either religious or administrative matters. Deaconesses are appointed for administrative matters but are expected to teach the women and children regarding the plan of God and the conduct of and in the church.

The senior elder in a national conference forms part of the World Conference Board of Elders. The senior officer  or coordinator of the World Conference is the Coordinator General. All officers face election and credentialling or re-credentialling every seven years. The senior elders are drawn by lot. This is intended to prevent political factions forming, or cult like behaviour being developed. The process ensures that God chooses the leader as were the High Priest and Priests chosen in the Temple of God, which Temple we are. When only one elder is available the lot is deemed to be determined.

The young men on our television or media programs, such as Youtube, are placed in training as Sub-Deacons, but some are already Deacon Evangelists.

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